Medical Equipment
Provided range of Medical Equipments is used during execution of various critical surgical procedures in laparoscopy, gynecology and in various other units of health care arena. These user friendly equipments feature microcontroller based mechanism to maintain high accuracy in their operation.
Combi Max - MBAVP
As reliable electrosurgical generator, Combi Max MBAVP offers a number of advanced features needed for successful execution of gynecology, gastroenterology and thoracic surgeries. Offered product range consists of built in stabilizer and digital volume controller. This product range can be powered by UPS, inverter and generator.
Medical Products
Medical Products offered by us have significant role in successful execution of various surgical procedures. Available in different specifications, offered product range is used during TURP, thoracic and also at the time of other surgical procedures. Customers can also avail LED light source under this category to provide required illumination inside operation theater.
Vessel Sealing System
Vessel sealing systems of Alan boast of having advanced features like highly sensitive tissue impedance monitoring arrangement. Microcontroller based mechanism, high accuracy level in each step of operation and application specific design are some of the key characteristics of this product range.
Electrosurgical Unit
Electrosurgical Units offered by us are reckoned for their multiple monitoring facilities.  Monopolar and bipolar outputs of this product range are isolated with each other. All the outputs of this product range have audio visual indicator and digital volume controller.
Cautery Machine
Managed by microcontroller, offered range of electro cautery machines has extensive applications in urology, endoscopy, laparoscopy and also in other branches of health care arena. Bipolar version of this array of medical devices has separate monitoring arrangement for RF power, realtime tissue impedance and HF leakage. 
Saline Plasma Bipolar Resection Machine
Saline Plasma Bipolar Resection Machines incorporate a number of latest features into their design to enhance precision of their operation. This range of medical devices have auto start coagulation function, tissue impedance monitoring facility and HF leakage monitoring arrangement.
Ultrasonic Surgical System
Ultrasonic Surgical Systems are used for execution of critical surgical procedures that include coagulation of blood vessels, biopsies and removal of tissues. Offered range of surgical equipments comprise of ultrasonic generator and transducer. Advanced mechanism of this range of medical equipments prevents damage of soft tissues during surgical procedures.
Laparoscopic Instruments
Laparoscopic Instruments are used to seal walls of blood vessels by using electrothermal energy. Accessible in three different length choices, offered manually controlled laparoscopic surgical tools enable surgeons to move these at 360 degree angular direction. Offered reusable surgical tools are made of stainless steel and these remain rust proof for years.
Alarm Annunciators
Available in 8/11/24 windows design based choices, Alarm Annunciators are basically audio visual indicators that play pivotal role in making operators aware about any fault in industrial systems to act accordingly. Manufactured in India, this array of microcomputer controlled systems can be availed in standard widow diameter based specification.
Alarm Annunciators - MP Series
A range of cutting-edge notification and monitoring tools called the Alarm Annunciators - MP Series was created to improve safety and alarm systems in diverse industrial environments. An essential part of industrial automation and control systems, these annunciators act as alerts.
Electronic Hooter
Available in 100 dBA/-5% audio output based specification, electronic alarm hooters are used to produce loud sound to make people of specific building or area aware about any hazardous situation like outbreak of fire. Design of this range of hooters includes control panel, siren and power supply unit.
Power Packs
Automatic power packs are used as reliable auxiliary sources of power for VCB panels in substations. Available in battery back up and capacitor back up facilities, this product range has a number of indicators for indicating output switch off mode, battery status and charge on mode.
Rack Mounting Converter
Rack Mounting Converters have significant role in providing constant power to various industrial equipments. Offered sources of DC power are equipped with heavy duty circuit breakers to safeguard their input. Based on application type, offered converters are accessible in single and dual type design options.
Industrial Products
In today's industrial landscape, power conversion and supply equipment stand as indispensable assets, offering the essential versatility and reliability needed to uphold optimal power conditions. These industrial products play a pivotal role in safeguarding equipment, bolstering backup power solutions, and facilitating efficient energy utilization across a wide spectrum of sectors.
Power Supply
Offered range of power supply systems serves as constant source of power to various industrial and household apparatus. Offered range of machines comprise of standard components like power converter, battery and regulator. Offered range of machines is also used to manage power consumption rate of any specific equipment.

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